Online gambling has always been an attractive and convenient way to bet on the go, and now, given the surge in the popularity of cryptocurrency over the past few years, there are many bitcoin casinos.


  •  Top ten bitcoin casinos

    With bitcoin casinos, users get everything the same as at a regular or online casino, the only difference is that bitcoin casinos provide additional protection of the user's identity and do not ask for bank account information. Using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, these casinos do not need access to personal banking information, protecting users from malicious attacks and providing an extra layer of security.


    However, with so many casinos out there today, it's not easy to find the safest and best options that are fun, among other things; so we've picked up the top best casinos for you, so you don't have to look for yourself, and you can start playing right away.


    Here are our top 10 bitcoin casinos that deserve your attention!

  • Bitcoin casino: basics for novice players



    According to Cointelegraph, in early 2017, players were betting an average of $4,000 in bitcoins every minute crypto casinos are similar to regular online gambling services, but have the slight advantage of accepting both fiat and crypto payments. However, some casinos can only support cryptocurrency. Major bitcoin casinos have built-in wallets where players can store BTC or other cryptocurrencies.


    There are various bonuses and promotions that are also similar to what regular casinos offer: deposit multipliers, no deposit bonuses, free spins and tournament tickets. Because of the high price of bitcoins, the sites display deposits in mBTC, which equals 0.001 BTC. Withdrawals are often limited, so players cannot cash out all at once.


    The existence of cryptocurrency has given rise to an entirely new kind of casino economy. It has nothing to do with politics. There is no attachment to the geography of the location. A certain niche in this sphere is given to the casino, the activity of which is connected with bitcoin.


    What is a bitcoin casino?


    The popular cryptocurrency can be used to make bets in the gaming club. In relation to fiat currency, bitcoin is an alternative. Such establishments can be considered as a separate online resource. It is paired with its own software. It controls the course of the game, performing the dealer function. At the same time, a person can interfere with a minimum possibility.

    A brief list of the advantages of playing for cryptocurrency


    The main advantage is anonymity. This is due to the fact that digital currency has no centralization. The user performs anonymous bets. The income in this case is not subject to taxation. There is no geographical attachment. This allows even people who live in places where gambling is prohibited by law to take part in the game.


    Differences of bitcoin casinos from regular online casinos


    Because cryptocurrencies are based on a unique blockchain technology, they can be implemented in almost any area of our lives. The idea of a decentralized, anonymous, fast and cheap transactional network is wonderful, so it's no surprise that more and more industries are starting to adopt bitcoin as a payment method. Gambling is no exception and online casinos have recently started accepting bitcoins for





    Disadvantages of online casinos for bitcoins


    Cryptocurrency in the world of gambling has a number of features that, under certain conditions, can be considered negative.

    For example, the bitcoin exchange rate is constantly changing, and the jumps are sometimes more than impressive. Such high volatility does not always play into the hands of online casino customers.


    Keep in mind that often, playing with cryptocurrency is offered by dubious casinos. Many such operators operate under licenses of unreliable regulators, and some sites have no permits at all.


    Also remember that lost bitcoins are almost impossible to recover. Keep them in a safe place.


    In general, to minimize the probability of problems, study all the features of cryptocurrency and use only trusted online casinos. Reviews at Casinoz will help you find the best site.


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